TV Review : Supergirl : Season 4 : Episode 2 : Fallout

Up Up and Away Super Friends and DC Comics DCTV Fans , Here is my review of Supergirl Season 4 Episode 2 Fallout 1st a description of the episode : When a shocking revelation brings chaos to National City, Supergirl sets out to capture Mercy Graves. Now on to my full review of this episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Wow another great episode of Supergirl !!! Fallout was so good , action packed , intense , had some humor and that ending cliffhanger woah. So much happened in this episode with 1st Supergirl trying to be that beacon of hope while there is some in fighting going on with the world and people also Aliens. Nia trying to prove herself at CatCo , Briany going through being somewhat hated and Alex trying to keep The DEO under control. Mercy Graves and Agent Liberty are so evil trying to gain any advantage they want. All that was good but their sadly was some bad stuff in this episode like the bit with Kara trying to get away from Lena and Alex calling Supergirl and Cara’s phone that’s just a little bit much that Lena doesn’t know.  And some of the writers they’re getting a little heavy handed with this political stuff but again it does not bother me all that much and I just go along with the ride and watch this amazing series. Now that cliffhanger at the end with Supergirl getting zapped with Kryptonite that was so scary and it sets up the next episode or in episode 4 and we will see Supergirl use some kind of power suit for her to fight back Mercy and Agent Liberty. Great performances again by Melissa Benoist and the rest of the cast in this episode plus the special effects as always amazing. So overall while not as amazing as the Season 4 Premier Supergirl Season 4 Episode 2 Fallout was still aside from one nitpick pretty solid and I give it an 8/10. Can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Man of Steel. Until next week Super Friends Up Up and Away !!!