Comics Review : Superman: Panic In The Sky (New Edition): Trade Paperback (1992) : DC Comics (2017)

Up Up and Away!!! Super Friends and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Superman: Panic In The Sky (New Edition) Trade Paperback from DC Comics. 1st a description of the story : Brainiac returns to invade Earth with his ultimate weapon, Warworld, a planet-sized satellite built for destruction. With the help of super-powered friends like Wonder Woman, The Flash, Green Lantern and many more, Superman must lead the attack on Brainiac and protect Earth! Collects Action Comics #674-676, Superman: The Man of Steel #9-11, The Adventures #488-490, and Superman #65-67. Now on to my review of this new trade paperback edition of Superman: Panic In The Sky , Superman: Panic In The Sky is written by Dan Jurgens , Jerry Ordway and Louise Simonson with Artwork by Dan Jurgens , Roger Stern and a ton of other artists. This Superman story was writen during The Triangle Era of Superman titles also just before The Death and Return of Superman event and it’s huge with a ton of characters including Superman , Batman , Wonder Woman , The Flash (Wally West) , Supergirl and The Justice League coming together to stop Brainiac and Maxima from creating the ultimate weapon Warworld. In past DC Comics stories any time their was a alien invasion happening the invasion would come to Earth and only then Superman and The Justice League would come in to save the day. However in Panic In The Sky what Dan Jurgens and the other writers and artists did with this story is say no lets see Superman and the different members of The Justice League go into space and stop the threat head on and that’s what this story does so well in telling and showing the reader. Lots of cool moments in the story like Matrix Supergirl under mind control from Brainiac and Maxima with Superman and his team coming in and saving Supergirl (Matrix) from them. Also the many battles that went on in this story and the artwork so good that’s what made 90’s Superman comics so good and Superman: Panic In The Sky is another good Superman story. After Panic In The Sky starting Superman #676 and going through The Adventures of Superman #490 we get 2 stories about Superman and his supporting cast and that is what made The Triangle Era of Superman comics from 1991-2002 work so well is no only we got Superman’s own stories we would get issues with his supporting cast with characters like Ma and Pa Kent , Lois Lane , Perry White , Jimmy Olsen , Lex Luthor , Supergirl (Matrix) etc. In that era we got to know more about who Superman was and his extended group of friends. Not much in terms of extras from this trade paperback new edition but we do get a new cover drawn by Dan Jurgens plus a lot of the pages have the original covers as well. Overall I will give this New Edition¬†Trade Paperback of Superman: Panic In The Sky a 9/10 a really great Superman story and if you a fan of Superman in the 90’s this is a really good one to read. Up Up and Away!!!


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