Star Wars Force Friday 2 : My plans and what Toys and Collectibles I plan to pick up.

Hello Star Wars Fans , In this blog post I am going to talk about my plans for Star Wars Force Friday 2 on September 1st and what Toys and Collectibles I plan to pick up. In case you don’t know Force Friday is the big day where all the new Star Wars Toys and Collectibles from the next Star Wars movie comes out.  Now back in 2015 I did participate in the 1st Force Friday but did not get anything until 2 days after but this time around I will participate in it. I plan on getting most of the new toys and collectibles from Star Wars : The Last Jedi etc. like The Black Series 6 Inch Figures , The 5 POA (5 Points of Articulation) 3.75 inch figures , maybe get a new Force FX Lightsaber (hope they have Rey’s) and get some of The Journey To Star Wars The Last Jedi Trading Card Packs from Topps. Also because of a fan of other fandoms I’m going to see if the new DC Multiverse Mattel 6 Inch Figures from The Justice League Movie are out as well as some 6 Inch Marvel Legends Figures from The Marvel Netflix Wave and Thor Ragnarok too if they have them at retail. I mostly am going to get the stuff at my local Toys R Us and Target stories and get a few things from online retailers like Amazon , Big Bad Toy Store and Dorksidetoys as well. So happy hunting for the new toys coming out on Force Force Friday 2 on September 1st and May The Force Be With You Always!!!