Editorial : San Diego Comic-Con (SDCC) 2017 in Review

Hello my friends and fellow geeks and fans , Here is my review of some of the best things I saw at San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2017 here goes , 1. The DC Comics DCEU DC Films stuff like The Justice League Trailer and such that was cool and gets me more excited for the film come November. The upcoming slate that WB / DC Comics announced is good but until all those movies come out will have to wait and see how well they will do. 2. All The DC Comics DCTV Shows both from Fox with Gotham and The CW Arrowverse shows news that came out about the upcoming seasons was good. Best trailers was Supergirl Season 3 , Arrow Season 6 and Gotham Season 4. The trailers for The Flash Season 4 and Legends of Tommrow Season 3 where decent but nothing that blew me away. 3. The Toy and Merchandise for DC Comics , Marvel , Star Wars & others was great and you know I will get most of those figures when they come out. 4. Marvel they had some good news about their upcoming films like Thor: Ragnarok , Black Panther , The Ant-Man Sequel and Captain Marvel where good. However not showing officially and releasing The Avengers: Infinity War Trailer online a bit of a downer 5. A bit disappointing that their was not any new news for Star Wars and The Last Jedi but I’m sure more is coming soon So all in all SDCC 2017 was great and good job by all covering the news at San Diego Comic it felt like I was there. And than my friends and fans is my quick review of some of the best things I saw that was covered during SDCC 2017.