Editorial : Comic Book Recoloring’s and Remastering’s the pros and cons. Are they always a good thing?

Hello everyone and Comic Book readers and fans , Today I’m going to talk about Comic Book Recoloring’s and Remastering’s the pros and cons of them and  are they always a good thing? Now since we have Trade Paperbacks , Collected Edition Hardcovers and Omnibus a lot of order comics are have been collected over the past few years and some even have gotten either a remaster or a recoloring in the books collected. I did not start reading comics until the early 90’s and so I don’t have huge a problem with remastered or recoloring’s of other comics in collected editions as other comic book readers do. I have I heard those same complaints and thoughts when the new trade paperback re releases of The Star Wars Original Trilogy Comic Adaptations from Marvel came out earlier last year plus X-Men 1991 Mutant Genesis 2.0  re mastered edition trade paperback the ones that have the new cover art I’m talking about Also The Batman Neal Adams Omnibus that had a lot of problems of remastering and re coloring plus in the omnibus they added in the omnibus Batman Odyssey which is in half the book and not the best Batman story. So sometimes remastering and recoloring order issues does help but not 100 % percent of the time with older stories. Not the best examples of good recoloring and remastering of older comic book issues. With that being said adding the remastering and recoloring it sometimes not all the time enhances the art even more. It makes it more appealing to younger readers. In the end, it is all about indeed preserving the art for future generations. So when either Marvel or DC Comics , or even Indie publishers recolors it’s older comics for the trades and omnibuses it makes them better a bit not all the time but close to it. Some older fans don’t like re coloring a lot of the time but when the colors and issues have degraded sometimes a little recoloring helps it really depends how much of the original artwork you want to see that’s being collected is being more of the same or a little different. For me I have no problem though when older comic book issues are either remastered or recolored for newer Trade Paperback , Hardcover or Omnibus collected edition releases.