Editoral : No The Future of DC Collectibles is not doom and gloom their doing just fine and their still making good figures and collectibles.

Hello DC Comics Fans , Recently their has been a lot of concern about DC Collectibles because of their recent figure cancellations of some DC Icons 6 Inch like Deathshot , Booster Gold and Blue Beatle 2-pack , The Demon and Catwoman from the 1990’s comic run plus a 2nd DC Icons Accessory Pack and some of the collecting community is saying about DC Collectibles oh it’s doom and gloom DC Collectibles can’t get their act together and all this non sense. Well 1st off I don’t necessarily agree with that statement because DC Collectibles is doing a great job with their figure lines plus their statues from the comics , The DCTV Shows from The CW like Arrow , The Flash , Supergirl and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow and The DCEU DC Films plus The Batman The Animated Series Line Now sure yes it was sad that the DC Films line was canceled after just 2 figures but that does not mean it’s doom and gloom for DC Collectibles because their is a ton of stuff coming out this year. For the DC Icons line with have figures like Supergirl from DC Rebirth , The Super Sons 2-pack of Robin Damien Wayine and Superboy Jon Kent , Nightwing from The Batman Hush Comic and The Death of Superman 2 Pack of Superman and Doomsday plus a Neal Adams Superman Statue too also A Batman The Animated Series Batcave with Alfred also White Canary and Kid Flash 6 Inch Figures from The DCTV Line as well. Yes I know DC Collectibles changed what some figures recently was going to be The Justice League New 52 7 Pack Set from DC Icons was going to come out but they changed it to a DC Rebirth Justice League 7 Pack again to me not a huge deal but can understand some being upset over it. A lot of what I read online and and in some collecting groups is they want DC Collectibles to be the old DC Direct like they use to be but sadly it does not work they way anymore DC Collectibles is different now than it was 6 years ago. So lets not jump to conclusions and say it’s doom and gloom for DC Collectibles just because a few figures got canceled ok fans they are producing great figures and collectibles and will continue to do so. DC Collectibles for me will always be one of my top lines in collecting and will continue to be.