Editorial : State of Marvel Comics and can Marvel Legacy get the comics back to being great again?

Hello Marvel Fans , Marvel yep they are dominating with the films and tv shows of The Marvel Cinematic Universe from Marvel Studios and at Fox with the recent release of Logan but Marvel Comics that is a different story and that’s what I will be talking about in this blog post. Marvel Comics at one time they where on top with books like X-Men , Amazing Spider-Man , The Avengers , Iron Man , Captain America etc. but now since All New All Different Marvel that has not been the case. Sales are dropping and a lot of fans wonder why. Marvel said it was a lack of diversity among it’s current characters  but we know that is not the reason behind it. The reasons Marvel Comics’s sales are dropping is because of these reasons. One they took the heroes away that fans where used to reading and in the current MCU films they are most know away and replaced them with newer characters aside from Ms. Marvel and Lady Thor Jane Foster no one really cares about. Two the event fatigue since 2005 that Marvel has had has gone on for too long and is starting to get watered down I mean too many events that’s a lot. The renumbering of comics after 7 issues yep that’s a good way for fans to be confused on which run a series of a comic starts in not to mention the $3.99 to $4.99 price tag of most of the titles. And finally some of the writers and artists lashing out at fans when they don’t like something and sometimes telling them they don’t matter which is not good after all the fans are what makes Marvel work.  So yea Marvel Comics has been in a slump for a while not only with the fans and readers of the comics but are making too many mistakes with the comics and events after event also at editorial not good. And with DC Comics doing so well with DC Rebirth can Marvel Comics get back on track? The answer is maybe Marvel Legacy coming out this fall promises to do that with the launch of Marvel Legacy a One Shot comics that will return the classic Marvel heroes you know and love from The MCU Movies but also mixing in and with the new characters in the current All-New All Different Marvel  / Marvel Now 2.0. But can Marvel Comics get things turn around with Marvel Legacy that is the bigger question. Right now we don’t know all we have seen is the teaser image for the one shot and also Marvel Comics did say they will have a break from events for 18 months. So I am sure hoping Marvel Legacy will be a return to Marvel Comics the way it used to be but we shall see.