TV Review : Supergirl : Season 2 : Episode 21 : Resist

Up Up and Away Super Friends , Here is my review of Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21 Resist. 1st a description of the episode : Supergirl struggles to decide whether or not to obey the president’s orders regarding Rhea’s latest actions; Cat Grant returns to National City. Now on to my review of the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Wow great episode of Supergirl !!! Resist was action packed , intense , emotional and ended on a great cliffhanger. Their was a lot in this 2nd to last episode of Season 2 that went down from Cat Grant’s return to the president’s return plus Lillian Luthor as well. Their’s an alien invasion in National City and it’s up to Supergirl and The DEO to stop them. Also we have Lena and Mon-EL Captured by Rhea. Rhea in this episode is so evil and her plan is coming full steam in this episode. The return of Cat Grant was great seeing her quick wit charm and her scenes with Supergirl / Kara was amazing and again Cat’s message of hope to national city was great. And Alex and Maggie’s scenes where good to and Alex’s concern for Kara you felt it. Also the pain Alex was to fire the weapon on the show you also felt. Supergirl working with Lillian Luthor was interesting and them using The Phantom Zone projector was nice to get Lena and Mon-EL back. Now the ending cliffhanger with Supergirl and Rhea was interesting and out of nowhere just before Alex fires the big gun a streak of heat vision blasts it and it was no other than Superman and he punches Supergirl and the shock on Kara’s face tells the story and wow what a cliffhanger and sets up next weeks Season Finale of Season 2 perfectly.  Good Special Effects and Stunt work in the episode and great work by the cast including Melissa Benoist. Overall I give Supergirl Season 2 Episode 21 Resist a 9/10 a really great episode and can’t wait for next weeks Season 2 Finale titled Nevertheless , She Persisted. Until next week Super Friends Up Up and Away !!!