Comics Review : Superman/Batman Volume One (2004) New Edition Trade Paperback : DC Comics (2014)

Hello DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of the edition of Superman/Batman Volume One Trade Paperback from DC Comics , 1st a description of the story in this trade paperback : In this new edition from issues #1-13 of the hit series, Superman and Batman unite when Lex Luthor assembles a team of powerhouse heroes to bring Superman in dead or alive. Then, prepare for the arrival of Supergirl! Can Darkseid recruit her into doing his bidding? Now on to my review of this 1st volume of Superman/Batman , Superman/Batman Volume One is written by Jeph Loeb with artwork by Ed McGuinness , Dexter Vines and Micheal Turner. This 1st volume is broken up into 2 stories Superman/Batman Public Enemies in issues #1-#7 and that features Superman , Batman going up vs Lex Luthor. But my favorite story from this 1st volume is Superman/Batman issues #8-#13 titled The Supergirl from Krypton which features Supergirl Kara Zor-EL now in the post crisis DC Universe. You have to remember we have not seen Kara in DC Comics since 1985 her death in Crisis on Infinite Earth. Now when fans 1st read’ed this series questions pop’ed up is this the same Kara as before or is this a new take on Supergirl / Kara? But as the story progressed it became clear that this is a new take on Supergirl Post Crisis. And when she comes to earth she does not know or understand this new world and it’s up to Superman and Batman along with Wonder Woman to show her who she is and what she can become. Although Darkseid tries to show her what evil can be she never gives in to it and when we think Darkseid kills her and Superman tries to stop him Kara is not really dead. Supergirl embraces who she is and it sets up her ongoing series. What  Jeph Loeb did with his writing and the late great Micheal Turner did with his artwork is make you embrace this new take on Supergirl / Kara Post Crisis and sets you as the reader up for her ongoing series to come the following year in 2005. Overall I give  Superman/Batman Volume One Trade Paperback a 9.5/10 a great trade paperback with good artwork and great stories. Fans of Superman , Supergirl and Batman should check this out.