TV Review : Supergirl and The Flash Musical Crossover

Up Up and Away Super Friends and Speedsters , Here is my review of The Supergirl and The Flash Musical Crossover Episodes the end of Supergirl Episode 16 Star Crossed and The Flash Episode 17 Duet , 1st a description of the musical crossover : The Music Meister Attacks Supergirl ;  Mon-El and Hank Henshaw arrive carrying a comatose Supergirl, who was attacked by the Music Meister; when the Music Meister attacks Barry, both he and Supergirl wake up in an alternate reality that they have to sing and dance their way out of. Now on to my review of The Musical Crossover Waring Full Spoilers to Follow , Wow a fun crossover episode of The Flash and Supergirl. A lot of heart and emotion in it and the songs where good too. Now at end of Supergirl Kara gets attacked by The Music Meister and then in this episode of The Flash he attacks Barry and both Barry and Kara are in this dream world where they have to sing their way back home. And along the way they meet the heroes and baddies of the 2 shows but as different people. The best part of this episode was the songs and the lessons about love both Kara and Barry learn along the way as both Iris forgives Barry and Mon-El forgives a bit Supergirl. The Musical Dance numbers where pulled off so well and that was my main concern going in how well could they pull it off. Seeing Kara , Barry , Joe but not really him and Malcolm also not really him singing was fun  and emotional as well plus Barry singing to Iris at the end was fun and Martin Manhunter , Cisco and Kid Flash teaming up vs The Music Meister was fun as well and those where the best parts of the episode. Now the bad parts of the episode was The Music Meister as a baddie I just did not buy and this whole plot of steeling their powers to teach both of them about love just did not work plus his whole origin was changed from what it was in the past other than that I liked this episode. All the songs and musical numbers where great. The whole cast including Melissa Benoist and Grant Gustin where amazing in this episode !!! I enjoyed the musical crossover. Overall I give Supergirl and The Flash Musical Crossover Episodes a 8.5/10 one of the most fun crossover and I enjoyed it.