Comics Review : Superman Volume One: Son of Superman: DC Comics (2017)

Up Up and Away Super Friends and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Superman Volume One: Son of Superman from DC Comics DC Rebirth. 1st a description of the story : After the stunning events of DC REBIRTH, the world is left without Superman! Luckily, there is another Man of Steel to fill his shoes: the pre-Flashpoint Kal-El! However, can this new Superman protect the world while raising a super-son with his wife, Lois Lane? And should they help their boy use his new and rapidly increasing abilities, or hide them from the world? Don’t miss these stories from SUPERMAN: REBIRTH #1 and SUPERMAN #1-6! Now on to my review of this 1st volume of Superman from DC Rebirth , Superman Volume One: Son of Superman is written by Peter J. Tomasi and Patrick Gleason with artwork by Patrick Gleason , Doug Mahnke and Jorge Jimenez , Mick Gray and Jamie Mendoza. This is one of the best Superman stories to be written in quite some time also the Superman that we all know and love from Pre Flashpont is back and has a family Lois Lane and a son Jon Kent. This 1st story arc is about Superman and Son and their adventures together and it’s about family and the action , heart , emotion and adventure it’s all their plus a battle with the Eradicator. Plus Krypto in this story as well. A lot of Superman fans where disappointed and rightfully so with New 52 Superman but what Son of Superman does and what writers Peter J. Tomasi , Patrick Gleason , and artists Doug Mahnke ,  Jorge Jimenez , Mick Gray and Jamie Mendoza do is give us the return of our Superman and this Superman is older wiser but still the same guy that stands for Truth Justice and The America Way! The story and artwork is so good and the story is all Superman and that much more it’s about family. Extras that are included in Superman Volume One: Son of Superman are some variant covers , and a Sketchbook of some of the issues. Overall I give Superman Volume One: Son of Superman a 9.5/10 a really good Superman story and it is so great to have this version of Superman back in DC Comics. Up Up and Away!!!