Comics Review : Justice League Volume One: The Extinction Machines : DC Comics (2017)

Unite The Seven and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Justice League Volume One: The Extinction Machines Trade Paperback from DC Comics DC Rebirth. 1st a description of the story : In these stories from JUSTICE LEAGUE: REBIRTH #1 and issues #1-5 of the new series, a new day dawns for the Justice League as they welcome a slew of new members into their ranks. The question remains though, can the world’s greatest superheroes trust these new recruits? And will the members of the League be able to come together against an ancient evil that threatens to reclaim not just the world, but the entire universe? Now on to my review of this 1st volume of Justice League for DC Rebirth , Justice League Volume One: The Extinction Machines is written by Bryan Hitch with artwork by Tony S. Daniel , Sandu Florea and Tomeu Morey. This 1st arc of Justice League sadly is not very good in the 1st half of the arc but in the last few issues it gets better. Bryan Hitch had an impossible task coming off the great runs of Justice League from The New 52 by Geoff Johns and Jim Lee to continue making the book as best as it can be. However this 1st arc feels flat at times plus the artwork is not as good as past Justice League runs from JLA and Justice League from Pre New 52 an New 52. Plus the villains The Extinction Machines are just their for filler and have no purpose what so ever. Plus The Justice League has no time to get to know each other and their is no chemistry with the team but by the end of this 1st arc they begin to trust each other. The best issues of this 1st story arc are the Rebirth One Shot . #1 and #4 and #5 with #2 and #3 being the weakest. Bryan Hitch is just not a good writer for Justice League and it’s said because he has good ideas in the book but they are just not good ones but when it is writing and doing the artwork that is where the story falls flat. Hitch is better when he is doing the artwork and letting someone else write. Thankfully Tony S. Daniel when he does the artwork from issue #1 on his artwork really pops. Also the way Superman from the Pre Flashpoint Universe is introduced to the league is honestly the best of this story along with Wonder Woman. Extras that are included in this 1st volume of Justice League from DC Rebirth are some variant covers and some concepts of what the characters look like. Overall Justice League Volume One: The Extinction Machines a 6/10 not a good 1st volume it could of been so much better. Thankfully the book does get better from here on out.