Editorial : Does Marvel Comics have too many events currently going on in the comics?

Hello True Believers and Marvel Fans Today I’m going to be writing a editorial in which we asked the very question : Does Marvel Comics have too many events currently going on in the comics? Now as many of you know I’m a huge Marvel Fan I like the TV Shows (from ABC and Netflix) and the movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe also I like the comics. However lately the current comic book storylines in Marvel have but not as great as of late. The reason is because their a new event every 6 months plus Marvel will not let a series get past 7 issues and so many editorial messes here and their. Now because of this I’ve had to drop many series from Marvel. Right now I’m only currently reading the Captain America books , Ms Marvel , Doctor Strange and Avengers .1 and the Star Wars Comics but other series that I liked have dropped in quality. Also one of the worst events recently took place in Civil War 2 not only is it one of the worst comic book events of recent memory it felt forced the main series felt like 8 One Shot issues instead of a good ongoing story and so many tie in books and such it was a mess. It seems like Marvel can’t get it’s act together with the comics and slow down on the events which DC Comics recently with DC Rebirth has done a better job at. If Marvel would just take it’s time slow down on the events and let current series get to 7 issues before re numbering them none of us would have a big issue with it. Marvel needs to listen to it’s readers and it’s long time fans and just let the stories continue to grow and give writers and artists time to plan out their stories and take a year maybe 2 years off from the events. I mean with the Marvel MCU Films their doing great and lots love them but The Marvel Comics need content also make the flow together better. Like the marvel comics I do but slow down on the events Marvel give stories time to finish. I’m sure lots of Marvel fans and fans of the Marvel Comics would agree.