Comics Review : Green Arrow Volume One : The Death and Life of Oliver Queen : DC Comics (2017)

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Green Arrow Volume One : The Death and Life of Oliver Queen Trade Paperback from DC Comics DC Rebirth. 1st a description of the story : Green Arrow’s life will be forever changed as he is betrayed by those closest to him! A budding relationship with Black Canary forces Ollie to confront the fact that he can’t fight ‘the man’ if he is ‘the man.’ And one by one, his friends desert him-and all the money in the world won’t bring them back when he needs them most. Collects GREEN ARROW: REBIRTH #1 and GREEN ARROW #1-5. Now on to my review of this 1st volume of Green Arrow from DC Rebirth , Green Arrow Volume One : The Death and Life of Oliver Queen is written by Benjamin Percy with artwork by Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra. The story basically is a reset for Green Arrow in DC Rebirth as he tries to rebuild his relationships with his close friends and love ones including Black Canary Dinah Drake. And the story starts off with a slower build up but once the middle of the story kicks into high gear in issue #4 and #5 that is where this 1st volume takes off with a ton of action , drama and emotion and Benjamin Percy does a very good job in his writing of setting things up and paying them off later. One of the issues fans had in the last few volumes of Green Arrow in DC’s New 52 was that it was not the Green Arrow Oliver Queen that they where use too and some of the story lets be honest was not very good. Here in this new era of Green Arrow for DC Rebirth it feels like Green Arrow again also it feels a bit like The CW Arrow TV Series and the team up with Black Canary as they try to rebuild their relationship is not only pure but it is the core of this 1st volume and story arc and the artwork by both Otto Schmidt and Juan Ferreyra just makes it that much better. Plus you get returning characters like Diggle etc. My favorite issues from this 1st volume are the Rebirth One Shot and #4 and 5 with #2 and #3 being a bit slow. Extras that are included in volume one are some variant covers including some great ones by the legendary Neal Adams also some concepts of what the characters look like. Overall I give Green Arrow Volume One : The Death and Life of Oliver Queen a 8.5/10 a good Green Arrow story and a great introduction to this new era of Green Arrow for DC Rebirth.