TV Review : Arrow : Season 5 : Episode 12 : Bratva

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 Bratva. 1st a description of the episode : A mission takes Oliver, Felicity and the team to Russia, where they meet up with Anatoly, Oliver’s old friend; fresh out of rehab, Lance returns to the mayor’s office ready to get back to work. Now on to my review of the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow. This was a better episode of Arrow still had some issues with it but it was an improvement. So in this episode it was a throwback a little bit to Season 2 remember in that episode 6 of Season 2 Oliver , Felicity Diggle and Sara went to Russia to deal with The Bratva. But in this episode we get to see Team Arrow go back to Russia and it’s still Oliver , Felicity and Diggle however they are joined by  who is the new Black Canary. Also the Flashbacks with get more with Oliver who is now The Hood / Arrow with Talia al Ghul. These Flashbacks where decent and helps a lot with the story in the episode. Also we get Quentin Lance back in Star City as he is out of Rehab and trying to turn his life around as he with the help Rene / Wild Dog prepares for an interview with the news reporter. And this news reporter has a thing for Oliver but little does Oliver know that she is trying to find out if May Queen is the Green Arrow that was the big cliffhanger in the episode. Also we did see Felicity and Diggle almost losing it but Oliver ever the team leader settling things down and that is what makes him The Green Arrow. Also Diggle finally got revenge on Walker and was able to put him away. We did though lose one team member Rory who gave up his life to save Team Arrow as a bomb go off. Diana Drake seeing her use her Canary Cry powers was so awesome and already she has become my favorite and The Black Canary I’ve waited to finally see can’t wait to see more of her she’s super awesome!!! Now on to some of my issues with this episode Thea where has she been the last 3 episodes? Are they trying to write Speedy out of the show? Hope Thea comes back soon I miss her. Overall I give Arrow Season 5 Episode 12 Bratva a 8/10 a good episode and an improvement over the last 2. Can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Spectre of the Gun.