TV Review : Arrow : Season 5 : Episode 11 : Second Chances

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Arrow Season 5 11 Second Chances. 1st a description of the episode : Oliver gets help from a surprising source Talia Al Ghul in his quest to take down Kovar; Felicity tries to hack the NSA to help free Diggle; Curtis informs the team about a female vigilante Tina wreaking havoc all over the country. Now on to my review of the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , This was a good episode of Arrow for most of it but I also had some issues with it too. Lets start with the good. In the flashbacks we are introduced to Talia Al Ghul as she teaches Oliver how to be a hero and gives his his costume that he wears to become The Hood / Green Arrow. In the present day story we are introduced to Tina who was a former member of the CCPD and trying to get revenge on the meta human who killed her partner but Oliver and Team Arrow tell her to come to her senses and work together with them which she does and we find out Tina’s real name is Diana Drake yes the same one from the DC Comics in New 52 who took over for the original Black Canary could she be the new Black Canary? Will have to wait and see. Also Felicity does break John Diggle out of jail has she antonyms hacks the NSA and Diggle is out on bail. Also some fun scenes with Wild Dog eating some hamburgers. Now on to the not so good parts of the episode 1st off this hole subplot with the new recruits I don’t like the dynamics with the new Team Arrow I just wish it was the original team. Also their introducing characters and storylines in Season 5 with no build up when Thea , Felicity and Laurel had 3 plus seasons of build up.  And where is Thea? She has been missing from the last 2 episodes. Arrow is better this season but boy the same mistakes at times the creative team is making the show is still making. I thought we where past that ugh. Overall I give Arrow Season 5 11 Second Chances a 7.5/10 an improvement over the mid season premier but not by much. Looking forward to next weeks episode titled Bratva.