TV Review : DC’s Legends of Tomorrow : Season 2 : Episode 10 : The Legion of Doom

Hello Legends and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10 The Legion of Doom. 1st a description of the episode : The Legends must find The Spear of Destiny before they can rescue Rip; Malcom Merlyn and Damien Darhk discover that Thawne is trying to pit them against each other. Now on to my review of this episode Warning Full Spoilers to Follow , A good episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this week. The Legion of Doom was scary in this episode don’t know if we needed an entire episode focused on them but that’s just me. Also not going to Spoil it another evil version of The Flash is coming and is here. The stuff with The Legends team was great and Sara and Dr. Stein & Dr. Stein’s daughter where the best parts. This episode focused more on The Legion of Doom and what their agenda is and they basically kidnap Rip Hunter / Phil and want to get The Spear of Destiny before our group of Legends do. Also in the episode we see Dr. Stein and his daughter in the episode and his struggle having her around because of a time aberration. Now their was a lot of good in the episode but for me not enough focus on Team Legends and too much focus on The Legion of Doom. However one cool thing and scary thing we did see in The Black Flash aka Zoom as his came for Thawne. How The Black Flash will play into the rest of this season remains to be seen. Also big cliffhanger at the end with Rip Hunter in 1776 which sets us up for next weeks episode  Overall I give DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 10 The Legion of Doom a 7.5/10 a good episode not as great as last weeks but it did it’s job. Can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Turncoat.