Book Review : Marvel Encyclopedia : Updated and Expanded : DK Publishing (2014)

Hello True Believers and Marvel Fans , Today I will be reviewing The Marvel Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded Edition from DK Publishing. 1st a description of the Encyclopedia : Bring the Marvel Universe home with this all-inclusive encyclopedia detailing little-known facts and information about more than 1,200 iconic Marvel characters. Created in full collaboration with Marvel Comics, the Marvel Encyclopedia features new entries on the latest characters and teams, updated facts on existing ones including their latest looks and story lines, and expanded entries on major superheroes such as Spider-Man, Thor, and The Avengers. Special double-page features have also been added highlighting recent major crossover events in the Marvel Universe, such as Fear Itself, and the Marvel Now series. The book is packed with comic book imagery and organized in an easy-to-find A-Z style. says, “This coffee table volume is incredibly beautiful and presented in ways that online searching can’t quite match.” The Marvel Encyclopedia is an essential book for new fans and for anyone who grew up loving the excitement, heroism, and humor if the Marvel Universe. Now on to my review of this Encyclopedia , The  The Marvel Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded Edition from DK Publishing is a big giant book which clocks in at 432 pages. This Encyclopedia is about the history of the Marvel Universe up through 2014 so you will not find a All-New All Different Marvel , Marvel Now 2.o  or any of the stuff on the films from either 20th Century Fox and or The MCU Films from Disney / Marvel Studios. This is about Marvel and it’s rich history of characters and all you favorites are their from The Avengers to The X-Men etc. their all their and the pages in this Encyclopedia are jammed packed with a ton of information like which comic issues the characters do start in and so on. If you have not read’ed any of the Marvel Comics this is a great starting point. Overall I give The The Marvel Encyclopedia Updated and Expanded Edition from DK Publishing a 9/10 a great way to get started with Marvel Comics and a great Encyclopedia.