Comics Review : Green Lantern Green Arrow : Trade Paperback : DC Comics (1970’s stories) (2012)

Hello Lanterns , Archers and DC Comics Fans , Today I’m going to be reviewing The Green Lantern Green Arrow Trade Paperback featuring stories written by Dennis O’neal and drawn by The Legendary Neal Adams. 1st a description of these stories : The trailblazing GREEN LANTERN/GREEN ARROW epics from the start of the 1970s are collected in a single paperback edition for the first time! Spotlights the art of NEAL ADAMS in stories that tackled the greatest social issues of the day! Collecting GREEN LANTERN #76-87 and 89, and stories from THE FLASH #217-219 and 226. Now on to my review of the trade paperback , Green Lantern Green Arrow is written by  Dennis O’neal and drawn by The Legendary Neal Adams and it is remastered amazingly well in this new trade paperback while keeping the original artwork in tact. This story is what some comic book fans refer to as The Hard Traveling Heroes arc of Green Lantern Green Arrow. This story tackled the social issues of the 1970’s and featured lots of characters including Black Canary , Speedy , Jon Stewart and other members of The Green Lantern Core. Issue Number #85 is one of the most iconic issues where Green Lantern and Green Arrow find out that Speedy is doing drugs and the iconic line from Green Arrow quote : My Ward Speedy Is a Junkie! remains one of the most emotional moments in DC Comics history and is to this very day. Denny O’neal does a great job writing this story and the artwork by Neal Adams is just amazing for the time of the 1970’s. Overall I give The Green Lantern Green Arrow Trade Paperback a 9/10 a great story and one of the best DC Comics Team Up books of all-time.