TV Review : Arrow : Season 5 : Episode 10 :”Who Are You?

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of the mid season premier of Arrow Season 5 Episode 10 “Who Are You? 1st a description of the episode : Oliver worries that Prometheus is right and really is a killer at heart; Felicity is bent on revenge after Detective Malone’s murder; Diggle fights for his life in prison. Now on to my thoughts on this episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow : This was a good return to Arrow coming back mid season but I did have a few issues with the episodes. Lets start with the good , Oliver , Felicity and Laurel / Black Siren and the ongoing mystery of who Prometheus is that was the best part of this episode also I knew that was not the real Laurel  Lance and it was indeed Black Siren and Oliver’s struggle to forgive Black Siren and Felicity wanting to end Black Siren that was good in the episode. Also Diggle in prison that was a good subplot in the episode and thought it work out well. Now to the bad this entire subplot with the new recruits Wilddog and Curtis aka Mr. Terrific while not bad I have grown tired of this angle this whole season of Arrow the rest of Season 5 is good but if it was not dragged down by the the new recruits it could be better. The Flashbacks where ok but nothing to special but the last one sets up a character where going to see in the next episode. Once again Stephen Amell , Katie Cassidy and Emily Beth Rickards where amazing in the episode also Michael Dorn’s voice as Prometheus so chilling and the amazing suit work by the stunt guys on the show did great work on this episode in the fight between Green Arrow Vs Prometheus that was a good fight. Overall I give Arrow Season 5 Episode 10 “Who Are You? a 7/10 a good episode not the best of the season but it did it’s job. Can’t wait for next weeks episode titled  Second Chances