TV Review : Supergirl : Season 2 : Episode 9 : Supergirl Lives

Up Up and Away Super Friends and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9 Supergirl Lives 1st a description of the mid season premier : When Kara investigates the story of a missing woman, she and Mon-El end up being thrust through a portal to another planet where the downtrodden are sold as slaves. Now on to my full review of this episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Wow a great episode of Supergirl this week it had everything from Supergirl to Kara , lots of scenes at CatCo , Alex and Maggie , Supergirl and Mon-El , James and Winn , lots of emotional stuff and was so fun. The episode starts out with Supergirl chasing some bank robbers and stopping them with her heat vision and saving the day once more. A little Superman The Movie vibe with that opening scene eh Supergirl Fans I know I got those vibes too another example of the Supergirl TV Series paying homage to The Richard Donner Superman movies.   But as you can tell Kara is frustraded a bit and watch more tougher missions as she tells Alex back at the DEO. Back at CatCo Snapper Carr wants Kara to get a lead on a story but before that a employee at CatCo tells Kara that her daughter is missing and it’s up to Kara with the help of Mon-El to find her and bring her home safely. Meanwhile but The Guardian James Olsen and Winn stop a few bad guys but Winn gets knocked out and his eye is bruised up a bit and Winn has 2nd thoughts of going out in the field but later he goes to help Alex. Alex and Maggie’s relationship in the episode too some big steps and had it’s ups and down it started off well then when Kara goes missing Alex blames herself for not being with Kara more and if she had been their she would not have gone missing Maggie gets mad for a short time with Alex but by the end of the episode their able to kiss and make up and be lovers the Sanvers are. Supergirl and Mon-El get sucked back into this Red Son planet where there it is a different world and for Kara it’s bad news because she does not have her powers. And that’s where the heart of this episode is. It proves that you don’t have to have powers to be a Superhero and Supergiel showed that in the episode while trying to rescue some humans. Also we see the return of Roulette who’s running this king of drug lord operation on this red sun planet. The look of the Red Sun planet in a way reminded me of The Smallville Season 9 Episode Pandora where Clark and Lois where trapped in a alternate reality where it was also under a Red Sun. Alex and Winn go to rescue Kara and also Supergirl with the help a little DNA from the DEO are able to create a serum to give Kara her powers back to stop those Aliens including the return of the Dominators from The Heroes Vs Aliens CW Crossover. Also Winn got in on some action and that was good to see. Supergirl , Mon-El , Alex and Winn escape the Red Son planet and get back home to earth safely and the  employee at CatCo’s daughter is reunited with her mom and Supergirl Kara Danvers saves the day once more. The ending scene with Kara and Mon-El on the couch was fun and cute to see and your starting to sense some love between Kara and Mon-El is coming down the road and a great way to end this amazing episode. Kevin Smith did a super fantastic job directing this episode also the work by the entire production team on Supergirl did it again they brought their A Game once again. The Special Effects again where so cool and Blake Neely’s musical score was once again super good his music is so good. And most importantly the cast was so good  Melissa Benoist , Chyler Leigh and , Chris Wood , Jeremy Jordan all super amazing in this episode. Overall I give Supergirl Season 2 Episode 9 Supergirl Lives a 9.5/10 a super great episode and can’t wait for next weeks episode titled We Can Be Heroes. Until next week Super Friends Up Up and Away!!!