Editoral : What does Supergirl Mean To Me?

Hello Super Friends , Supergirl what does this super amazing TV Show on The CW mean to me? A lot but most importantly it’s star Melissa Benoist as Supergirl Kara Danvers. And like Christopher Reeve as Superman in The Richard Donner Films before Melissa as Supergirl is to The Supergirl TV Series. What Chris had as Superman in Superman The Movie and Superman 2 is that strong sense to be a hero , have a strong sense of right and wrong , what is decent what is cruel and most of all have a kind heart. And that is what Melissa Benoist embody’s as Supergirl Kara Danvers. Melissa’s heart is pure and a heart of gold just like Chris’s was and most of all she can hold her own in a fight just like Chris did in those Superman movies of Richard Donner. Also as we saw in Superman 3 with Chris as Evil Superman and Melissa as The Evil Supergirl in Season 1 Episode 16 of Supergirl Falling they do have a Dark Side but always Hope and Compassion For All and Truth Justice and The America Way Superman and Supergirl they always will pull through in the end. I am so happy as well as the fans of Supergirl she has carry’ed on the legacy that Christopher Reeve started with The Superman Family Legend in 1978 with Superman The Movie with The CW’s Supergirl and I hope Melissa Benoist continues to play Supergirl for many years to come. Your super awesome Melissa keep up the great work and Up Up and Away , This Looks Like a Job For Supergirl !!!