Supergirl Season 2 My Thoughts So Far

Hello their Super Friends !!! Supergirl Season 2 my thoughts on Season 2 so far up to this point. It will be honest fair and to the pont. So here goes Superfriends , Supergirl Season 2 is super amazing so far!!! That being said their are a few issues not many I have with the show. 1st off get the focus back to being on Supergirl Kara Danvers on it’s central character and also give us more Danvers Sisters and Sanvers scenes in the show that is missing a lot. I like the writers and the staff still do but even they sometimes even the very best show runners make mistakes. Examples , Smallville , Star Trek The Next Generation , Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. , Lost , Grey’s Anatomy (which has gotten worse in my opinion I’m talking about Grey’s not the others) just to name a few great shows along with Supergirl but even they very best have issues at times. No TV Show is perfect after all. I just think the writers and creative teams behind the show are trying to please everyone comic book fans , non comic book fans alike and give them everything. Guys slow down and take a deep breath and get the show back to have the focus being Kara and do good you are so much better than this and so good I know you can do better your a great writing team. Not saying Supergirl is bad a show far from it but it needs to get the focus back on it’s central character Supergirl. The Cast is super amazing and they always will be. The writers on the other hand have to slow down take a deep breath and just make the best episodes they can and they will. Super can’t wait for Supergirl Season 2 to resume on January 23rd on The CW!!! It’s going to a super wild ride !!!