2016 : Year In Review : DC Comics

Hello DC Comics Fans and Super Friends , Here is my 2016 Year in Review of DC Comics. 2016 started out with the last few stories of DC’s New 52 / DCU and then in mid February Geoff Johns dropped a big giant bomb and announced that DC Comics in May of 2016 would be going through a Rebirth in the DC Comics going back to what made DC Comics stories great with DC Rebirth but more on that later. March 2016 brought us the release in theaters of Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice the 2nd movie in The DC Extended Universe of DC Comics Cinematic Universe Films. And Batman V Superman  : Dawn of Justice was quite controversial some fans liked the movie some fans and critics did not but no matter what your opinions are on the movie the film did make a ton of money. The Extended Cut of Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice released in July was by most accounts both from fans and others a better version of the movie and while it did not fix all the problems with the movie did restore what good the movie could of been in the release version. May 2016 brought us the release of DC Rebirth and the 80 page comic DC Universe Rebirth #1 it restored what was great about DC Comics and bringing back characters and versions of characters back such as Spoiler Alert Pre New 52 Kid Flash / Wally West and Pre New 52 / Post Crisis Superman back in the DC Universe was so cool to see. And from then on DC Rebirth took off all the titles the Superman titles Action Comics , Superman , and Supergirl , the Batman titles both Batman and Detective Comics , Green Lanterns , Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps. , The Flash and Wonder Woman have all done well for DC Rebirth up to this point. The only title that has not worked so far from DC Rebirth has been Green Arrow but the last few issues have gotten better. July brought us at San Diego Comic Con SDCC 2016 the Comic Con Footage for Justice League and the 1st full Trailer for The Wonder Woman Film out of the 2 I’m most excited for is The Wonder Woman Film in 2017 and the 2 trailers we have gotten look great can’t wait for the Wonder Woman Film. August 2017 brought us the release in theaters of Suicide Squad and for the most part most fans including myself really enjoyed the movie but just like Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice their was some fans liked the movie some fans and critics did not but no matter what your opinions are on the movie the film did make a ton of money. And while the extended cut of the movie is better it did not do much to add more to the movie than was already their already.  Suicide Squad a good movie not great but I enjoyed it.  DCTV from The CW brought us a ton of episodes and shows in 2016 from Supergirl , The Flash , Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow with the best episodes being The 4 Show Crossover Invasion also titled Heroes vs Aliens. DCTV great in 2016. The rest of 2016 brought us some mini crossovers from The DC Rebirth books and a big crossover with the start of Justice League Vs Suicide Squad #1 and that will continue in 2017 in both the ongoing Suicide Squad and Justice League titles. But things where not all great for DC Comics in 2006 we did lose some great artists in 2016 the biggest being Darwyn Cooke he was the writer and artist of DC’s New Frontier that was about the Golden Age heroes of The DC Universe in our world. Darwyn will be missed by DC Comics and Comic Book Fans of all ages may he Rest In Peace. DC Comics had a great year in 2016 and 2017 looks to be even better. Up Up and Away DC Comics Fans and see you in 2017!!!