2016 : Year In Review : Marvel

Hello Marvel Fans , Here is my 2016 Year In Review for Marvel , Marvel Comics , Marvel Studios and Marvel Entertainment , 2016 started out with the continuation and the final stories of All New All Different Marvel. Then in May we had the release of Marvel’s Captain America Civil War the 3rd film in the Captain America Trilogy of movies and it’s a great movie one of the best of 2016 if not the best. The Airport scene alone in Civil War is amazing great 40 minutes. Then it was announced at San Diego Comic Con that in October 2016 Marvel Comics would be having yet another reboot from All New All Different Marvel to Marvel Now 2.0 plus another Civil War type of event leading into Marvel Now 2.0 with Civil War 2. From Marvel Entertainment / 20th Century Fox it brought us the release of X-Men Apocalypse and it was just not good while not as great as the other X-Men films it was not that bad but it had some major issues. Now for me I have still not seen the movie but will do so sometime in 2017 when I get the movie on Blu-Ray Disc. October for us Marvel Comics Fans brought us the release of Marvel Now 2.0 with a lot of titles either getting a restart with all new #1’s or refresh’es with current books. Marvel TV was another great year in 2016 with The Marvel Netflix Shows like Daredevil , Jessica Jones and Luke Cage doing well. Marvel TV at ABC while their was the good with Seasons 3 and 4 of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. we had the sudden and out of nowhere cancellation of Marvel’s Agent Carter after 2 Seasons. So 2016 was a another great year for Marvel Comics and Marvel Studios while Marvel Entertainment / 20th Century Fox has some issues to work out. Have a Happy New Year and a Great 2017 True Believers !!!