Editorial : The DC Comics DCEU DC Films : What has worked what has not worked so far. And can the future films coming up give us more messages of Hope and Optimism?

Hello DC Comics DCEU DC Films Fans , Today I’m going to talk about The DCEU Films up to this point and What has worked what has not worked so far. And the big question can the future films coming up for DC Comics / Warner Bros. give us more messages of Hope and Optimism? So here goes , As most of you who follow me know I am a huge DC Comics Fan I like the films , tv shows  , animated tv shows and of course the comics themselves. Now for the DCEU Films I have liked them but have not loved them I liked Man of Steel but thought the ending battle scene went on for too long and I liked Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice but the overall darker tone of that movie just got to be too much also I really liked Suicide Squad but the 3rd act of the movie had a lot of issues. Now what are the big problems you ask for DC Comics / Warner Bros with there movies? Well it is a number of factors the writing has not been good , while visually the DCEU Films look good their is a lot of darkness to them and not at all what we know of reading the comics that Hopeful and Optimistic DC Universe where use to seeing and reading. Also the people behind the scenes at Warner Bros Pictures won’t let the filmmakers of the current DC Films do their job and get their vision on screen the 1st time around in the theatrical cuts of the films the extended cuts have done a much better job. Also the biggest problem is Zack Snyder now while I don’t hate him as a Filmmaker he just can’t tell a good story when working with the script but visually he’s great with special effects work but writing is not his strong suit. Now what I am hoping for the future films from The DCEU DCFilms like The Wonder Woman Film and Justice League is more messages of Hope and Optimism that is something missing from the current movies from DC Comics / Warner Bros Pictures up to this point. Richard Donner the director of Superman The Movie and Superman 2 always talked about Verisimilitude that believe that what your make is extraordinary is actually happening and some magic can happen while making a Superhero film. My hope is both Wonder Woman and Justice League and future DCEU DCFilms can have that Verisimilitude. Also another important thing DC / WB has got to get Superman right on screen in the next few movies. Now while I have not hated Henry Cavil as Superman his Clark Kent is great but as The Man of Steel Henry is not up to the level yet of Christopher Reeve when he played Superman in The Richard Donner Films. So my hope is Superman in the next film DCEU DC Films will get better. Now Batman and Wonder Woman in this new DC Comics DCEU Films Universe I have liked a lot Ben Affleck is the best Batman / Bruce Wayne on screen since Micheal Keaton in The Tim Burton Batman Movies also Gal Gadot is super amazing as Wonder Woman / Diana Price I just adore Gal she’s so amazing , sweet and beautiful and loves her fans. Now Ezra Miller as The Flash / Barry Allen in the DCEU DC Films I’m not sold on yet because I already have my Flash on screen in Grant Gustin as Barry Allen / The Flash from CW’s The Flash TV Series from DCTV and Grant is just amazing as The Flash / Barry Allen. So Ezra has a ways to go. Now one of the things that the DC Comics CW DCTV Shows have done well that the DCEU DC Films have not done a better job of is giving us more messages of Hope and Optimism. Shows like Supergirl , The Flash , DC’s Legends of  Tomorrow are more hopeful shows and Arrow while it is dark is not overly dark compared to some of the 1st few DCEU DCFilms so far. The DCEU DCFilms people working on the movies could take note of some of the amazing work that the teams behind The Arrowverse shows are doing week after week and that’s a credit to Geoff Johns , Greg Berlanti and Andrew Kreisberg. Speaking of Geoff Johns with him now running DC Films for Warner Bros he is my one hope at the studio that the DCEU DCFilms will get turned around at Warner Bros kind of like how Kevin Feige has done a great job with The Marvel Cinematic Universe Films. Now Johns is a great writer and has done great work on DC Comics with the comic books he has written but running DC Films will be a tall task for Geoff but I think he can pull it off if the right people come in to help him. So will see. The Future of The DC Comics DCEU DC Films is bright but lets wait and see what happens. Things are looking up for DC Films can’t wait for The Wonder Woman Film and Justice League in 2017 !!!