TV Review : The DC Comics CW DCTV Crossover Event : Heroes vs Aliens

Hello DC Comics DCTV Fans at long last here is my review of the epic 4 show CW DCTV Crossover for Supergirl , The Flash , Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow titled Invasion Heroes vs Aliens. 1st a description of the crossover : Basically it is the DCTV version of Invasion the storyline in DC Comics that came out in the late 80’s that had the Justice League vs an Alien race called The Dominators. The story involved a galaxy nervous about the super-powered potential of Earth. This version for DCTV it is the same but with different members starting with Supergirl Kara Danvers , The Flash Barry Allen , Green Arrow Oliver Queen and his team , also White Canary and her team from The Waverider from Legends of Tomorrow. The crossover starts out with towards the end of the Supergirl episode titled Medusa when Barry Allen and Cisco Ramon going to Earth 38 to get help from Kara and then team Arrow and Team Legends to stop The Dominators. Then it goes into The Flash episode titled Invasion! where Barry brings everyone together in the Hall of Justice where they train Supergirl. But also some trust issues with Cisco and Barry because of Flashpoint then Team Arrow and some of Team Legends including Sara is upset at Barry for changing the Universe and the timeline. But then The Dominators go after some of Team Legends and Arrow by using mind control and it’s Hero vs Hero with Green Arrow and The Flash fighting each other including a cool fight between Supergirl vs Barry. And we see that Barry is no match for the mind control Supergirl. They do stop the mind control and everyone wakes up. Then the cliffhanger of the episode is Team Arrow and Sara Lance being captured by The Dominators in a beem up (kind of like Star Trek) aboard their ship and it ends The Flash episode. Next in the 100th episode of Arrow also titled Invasion! we see Team Arrow and Sara Lance showing visions of a future they never had. Oliver is married to Laurel Lance. Sara is not a trained fighter and John Diggle is The Arrow. Plus Felicity does not have a pony tail. Also Oliver’s mom and dad are alive in this alternate vision. However they snap out of their dream and fight Deathstroke Slade Wilson and The Legion of Doom including Damien Darhk and Malcolm Merlyn which was so amazing. Speedy / Thea handing the arrows to kill Darhk and Merlyn was oh so awesome!!! Now at 1st Thea wants to stay but Oliver tells her no Thea we have to go home. And they do while leaving Laurel behind. Seeing Laurel again was no only so amazing but very emotional for us fans who have been watching Arrow from the start of the series until now. I miss Laurel so much and hope once day she will be back Katie Cassidy. Yes I know some don’t like Laurel but I did Black Canary Forever. So anyway our heroes from Arrow come back and they escape the wrath of The Dominators. The Episode ends and that leads us in the Legends of Tomorrow episode and final part of the crossover titled Invasion in the final epic part of the episode it’s our heroes from Supergirl , The Flash and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow vs The Dominators. Now at 1st Supergirl is not apart of this fight because Oliver has had a bad experience with Meta Humans and is a jerk to Kara. Not the best thing to do Oilver is upset Supergirl. Then our teams find the Dominators and the battle is on Supergirl does join the fight with our heroes at ground level fighting the aliens plus in the Wave Rider Sara Lance and Cisco Ramon with Felcity guiding the way to plan the metabomb or as Mick Rory calls it a Superhero Bomb. This fight has a almost Captain America Civil War vibe to it but in The DCTV Universe. Everyone got their chance to shine in the final battle and Ray Palmer The Atom Flying and saying See You Later Dominator was so cool and I bet it had to be cool to see  Brandon Routh behind the scenes flying on wires because he had not done that since playing Superman in Superman Returns a decade ago. Also we see Green Arrow get knocked down but here comes Supergirl to save him and Kara giving Oliver that look saying ok I saved you but don’t ever treat me like that again. Then another heroic moment Sara piloting The Wave Rider plus Cisco scared half to death and worried and her saying not helping Cisco lol that was funny. Caity Lotz was so good in this episode she stole the episode. Then also we see Jax and Dr. Martin Stein Firestrom stopping the bomb from The Dominators  that was so cool and Firestorm is quickly becoming another favorite hero from DC Comics. The episode ends with a toast with Kara , Oliver , Barry , Sara , Ray and the rest of Team Arrow and Team Legends. Including a fun Superman Easter Egg where Ray says she looks just like my cousin. That was a funny joke and a nice nod to Brandon Routh playing Superman all those years ago in Superman Returns. And Oliver is more trusting of Kara and wishes their was a Supergirl on his Earth. Maybe their is maybe their is not will have to wait and see. Kara then leave Earth One but before going Cisco gives her a device that will open the Vibe Wormhole in case she needs help from Barry again and that’s our crossover. Man this was amazing and super awesome. Very difficult to pull off logistically but The CW Cast and Crews on all 4 shows did an amazing job and this will be remembered for a long time to come in the history of Pop Culture and Comic Books in general. I give The DC Comics CW DCTV Crossover Event : Heroes vs Aliens a outstanding 9.5/10 a great crossover and hope to see once again great and amazing as this one soon. Up Up and Away and their not just heroes their Legends!!!