TV Review : The Flash : Season 3 : Episode 7 : Killer Frost

Hello Speedsters and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of The Flash Season 3 Episode 7 Killer Frost 1st a description of the episode : Caitlin’s inner Killer Frost is unleashed after she uses her powers to save Barry; on a rampage, Killer Frost goes looking for Dr. Alchemy, kidnaps Julian and battles both The Flash and Vibe; Joe and H.R. have an honest discussion. Now on to my review of this episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Wow another great episode of The Flash this week on The CW!!! No Spoilers but Killer Frost was good , action packed , intense and emotional. Barry and Team Flash really had their hands full dealing with Killer Frost. Now in this episode it starts the way last episode ended with The Flash and Joe rescuing Wally West and with the help of Caitlin stop Salvatore this new baddie introduced in last episode. The main story threads in this episode is Caitlin and her inner Killer Frost and Wally West becoming Kid Flash. Caitlin’s story in this episode had a lot of depth to it and it was heartbreaking when her inner Killer Frost came out. I mean blaming both Cisco and Barry that was cold. And even though she Caitlin was able to overcome her inner Killer Frost what effect will that have on her in the future. Will have to wait and see. Also Wally West now a Speedster that is exciting and can’t wait for him to finally become for real Kid Flash. Julian though he is not what he seems and maybe he is Dr. Alchemy. Will have to wait and see. The Killer Frost plot I thought was rushed a bit but their is only so much you can fill into one episode. Overall I give The Flash Season 3 Episode 7 Killer Frost a 9/10 a great episode and can’t wait for next weeks episode Part 1 of The 4th Heroes vs Aliens Crossover titled Invasion.