TV Review : The Flash : Season 3 : Episode 6 : Shade

Hello Speedsters and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 Shade 1st a description of the episode : Wally starts having dreams about being Kid Flash, making Barry realize he must tell Wally, Iris and Joe what happened to Wally in Flashpoint. Now on to my review of the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Wow another good episode of The Flash this week on The CW!!! Shade was good , funny , action packed , scary , intense and emotional. Barry and Team Flash really had their hands full dealing with The Shade and Doctor Alchemy. Now in this episode Wally is possessed by  Doctor Alchemy , we see the beginnings of Caitlin becoming Killer Frost and Shade is attacking Central City. Barry has been through a lot since Flash point and in this episode he’s trying to help out Wally because he is having dreams of becoming Kid Flash. The baddies in the episode Shade I did not like thought he was a throw away baddie but  Doctor Alchemy he is so evil. Poor Caitlin she has been through a lot this season and now the thought of her becoming Killer Frost (again) is coming true. Iris while not a lot from her in this episode her scenes with Barry was good. The ending fight between The Flash and CCPD vs Doctor Alchemy was so good and the twist at the end was amazing we see Wally becoming Kid Flash almost and Doctor Alchemy becoming the baddie GodSpeed and if you have been reading The Flash from DC Rebirth you will know what it means. Overall I give The Flash Season 3 Episode 6 Shade a 9/10 a great episode and can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Killer Frost.