TV Review : DC’s Legends of Tomorrow : Season 2 : Episode 4 : Abominations

Hello Legends and DC Comics Fans , DC’s Legends of Tomorrow  Season 2 Episode 4 Abominations 1st a description of the episode : The team members travel to 1863, where they find themselves in the middle of the Civil War; Jax and Amaya take on a mission at a slave plantation; Sara feels the burden of being a leader; Ray fights to find his purpose. Now on to my review of the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Wow great episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow this week on The CW!!! No Spoilers but Abominations was good , action packed , intense , scary and emotional. The Legends team really had their hands full in 1863 dealing with A Civil War and Zombies. Now in this episode our group of Legends gets a distress call from 1863 and they go their only to encounter not only a Civil War but don’t say don’t say it Zombies. Meanwhile Ray , Dr. Stein and Mick Rory are back at the ship. But Mick has been infected and he is a Zombie and it’s up to Ray and Dr. Stein to save him which they do. Also Jax he went through a ton in this episode and he without his powers saved the day. Amaya aka Vixen also I thought had some good action scenes as well. But the star and The MVP of this episode was once again Sara Lance The White Canary and she sure knows how to take out Zombies. Caity Lotz once again super amazing in this episode !!! Also Jax went through a lot in this episode. Also I liked all the 1863 costumes those where well done too especially Sara’s costume. Overall I give DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 4 Abominations a 9/10 a great episode and can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Compromised.