DC Comics DC Rebirth 6 months into Rebirth and where it is going forward.

Hello DC Comics Fans , Today I will be talking about DC Rebirth 6 months into Rebirth talk about some of the positives and negatives and where Rebirth is going forward , DC Rebirth is a incentive by DC Comics to take some of the best of DC’s New 52 and the best of The Pre New 52 continuity and what worked the best and mold it into one  continuity and give fans who where disappointed with The New 52 a better look in the comics at The DC Universe and so far it has paid off for the most part. The Rebirth one shot written by Geoff Johns and drawn by a number of DC Comics Artists got Rebirth kicked off in a big way with The Pre New 52 Wally West returning and setting up The Rebirth DC Universe. Now the positives of DC Rebirth are all The Superman titles Superman , Action Comics , Superwoman , Supergirl and Trinity , The Batman Books Batman and Detective Comics , Batgirl and Batgirl and The Birds of Prey , Wonder Woman with The Lies and Year One story arcs , and The Flash. Some of the weaker parts and some of the negatives so far have been it’s flagship title Justice League , Green Arrow , Harley Quinn , Suicide Squad just to name a few. Justice League for me has not worked because of Bryan Hitch’s writing and also the artwork is not as good not as good as when Geoff Johns was doing the writing and Jim Lee was doing the artwork. Green Arrow has been ok but not great now Benjamin Percy is not a bad writer but so far the story arcs have been too inconstant. Suicide Squad has not been bad the best part of that title is Jim Lee’s artwork also Harley Quinn has been ok but not great. The 1st crossover story arc for DC Rebirth Batman : Night of The Monster Men  was an ok crossover but nothing to special. Also while I have enjoyed Supergirl right now it can’t figure out what it wants to be some of the book wants to be the TV Show with The DEO and National City also other parts want to be the comic again not a bad book but right now needs to get better and hopefully it will. Now where do we see DC Rebirth going forward for the rest of 2016 and into 2017? Well their’s a lot of exciting arcs coming we have Justice League vs Suicide Squad , Super Sons with Robin Damien Wayne and Superboy Jon Kent , Justice League of America , Batwoman and maybe A new JSA Justice Society of America title plus so other good arcs from DC Rebirth.  No matter if you like or don’t like some of the story arc one thing is clear DC Rebirth has brought a lot of fans and long time DC Comics Fans to read The DC Universe again and so much better than The New 52. DC Comics knows they made a huge mistake with New 52 and DC Rebirth is a return back to the kind of Classic DC Comics storylines and arcs we all know and love. Up Up and Away!!!