TV Review : Star Wars Rebels : Season 3 : Episode 6 : The Last Battle

Hello Fellow Rebels and Star Wars Fans , Here is my review of Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 6 The Last Battle 1st s description of the episode : On a salvage mission led by Captain Rex, a unit of old battle droids captures the Ghost crew, determined to fight one last battle to end the Clone Wars. Now on to my review of the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Another great episode of Star Wars Rebels this week on Disney XD!!! The Last Battle was good , action packed , intense and emotional. The Ghost Crew and Captain Rex really had their hands full dealing with The Battle Droids and The Imperials. So many nods and tributes to The Clone Wars Series in this episode. This episode some would argue is a filler episode and not as good but for me I enjoyed it from Captain Rex , to The Battle Droids and everything in between this episode had it all also the voice acting in this episode was so good. Also good scenes with Rex , Kanan and Ezra their team work was so good in this episode. Not much of the other Ghost Crew members in this episode but this one was all about nods to The Clone Wars and such so not too upset about the lack of our other Ghost Crew members. Good design work in the episode again by The Rebels Production Team and great musical score once again by Kevin Kiner. Overall I give Star Wars Rebels Season 3 Episode 6 The Last Battle a 9/10 a good episode and can’t wait for the next episode on November 5th titled Imperial Supercommandos. MTFBWY Always!!!