TV Review : Supergirl : Season 2 : Episode 2 : The Last Children of Krypton

Up Up and Away!!! Super Friends and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 The Last Children of Krypton , 1st as always a description of the episode : Supergirl is seriously hurt when a kryptonite-powered villain attacks National City; Superman blames Hank for the attack after discovering the kryptonite was stolen from the DEO; Kara meets her boss, Snapper Carr, on her first day at her new job. Now on to my review of the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Wow another great episode of Supergirl this week on The CW!!! The Last Children of Krypton was really good , action packed , scary , intense and emotional. Supergirl , Superman and The DEO really had their hands full dealing with Project Cadmus and Metallo. This episode had everything a awesome Supergirl and Superman Team Up , Alex and Kara having some issues over Clark being in National City , Hank still upset with Superman and Catmus and Metallo also Project Catmus it a lot. Also one of my favorite parts of the episode was the Kara and Cat Grant scenes. You can also tell that Snapper Carr does not like Kara and also Kara does not quite like Snapper yet. Cat Grant leaving the show for awhile will be sad for us fans but hopefully she will be back soon. The major conflict in the episode is the battle between Supergirl , Superman and The DEO vs Metallo and Project Catmus and in the 1st fight Supergirl and Superman are badly hurt and it’s up to The DEO and Winn to come up with a Anti Kryptonite Suit to help them against the 2 Metallo’s. Also the Alex and Winn scenes where so good in this episode. All the supporting characters in this episode got their time to shine in this episode which was amazing to see. Seeing Alex fighting along with her sister Supergirl / Kara with Alex in that Kryptonite Suit was so awesome to watch on screen. The episode ends on a but of a cliffhanger with Mon-El waking up and his hand around Supergirl but that’s for next week. Chyler Leigh was so amazing in this episode and one of my favorite parts of Supergirl. Danvers Sisters Forever !!! Again this week both Melissa Benoist as Supergirl / Kara and Tyler Hoechlin as Superman / Clark Kent where so super amazing. The Production Design work and Special Effect once again this week amazing by the crew at The CW and the writing was done so well in this episode. Overall I give Supergirl Season 2 Episode 2 The Last Children of Krypton a 9.5 / 10 a really great episode and can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Welcome To Earth. Up Up and Away!!!