TV Review : Arrow : Season 5 : Episode 1 : Legacy

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans here is my review of Arrow Season 5 Episode 1 Leagcy 1st a description of the episode : Oliver struggles to deal with a city overrun by criminals and new vigilantes; when deadly new foe, Tobias Church, enters the scene, Oliver considers creating a new team of superheroes; in flashbacks, Oliver faces off against the Bratva. Now on to my review of the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Good Season 5 Premier of Arrow this week on The CW!!!  Legacy was good , action packed , intense , emotional and it ended on a cliffhanger. Also great stunt work. Had some issues with the episode but very few. Oliver and the new Team Arrow really had their has full dealing with these new foes. Also Mayor Oliver not working out too well. You can see a change in tone from Season 4 to this 1st episode of Season 5 that is for sure. I liked all the Oliver / Green Arrow scenes but this whole direction of this new Team Arrow thing I did not like. Felicity continues to drive me nuts as a character and has become boring since Season 3 not 1st off I don’t hate her just wished she was written better that’s all I’m saying. Thea leaving the team was kind of a shocker but understand where she is coming from. And also good to see a cameo from Diggle in this episode. The Black Canary Laurel Lance tribute with the statue in Star City was very touching and sad at the same time me and my mom who watched the episode was crying at that moment so heartbreaking. Oliver as Mayor of Star City that’s odd but I’ll get use to it I guess. Tobias Church and these new  vigilantes I thought where kind of throw away bad guys and thought dragged down the episode for me. Also the flashbacks all I will say is I’m glad this is the last year of the. Also the cast , crew and production team great work on this episode the stunt work especially was so good. Overall I give Arrow Season 5 Episode 1 Legacy a 8/10 not the best season premier for Arrow but their was so good stuff in it. Can’t wait for next weeks episode titled The Recruits