TV Review : MacGyver : Season 1 : Episode 2 : Metal Saw

Mac is back , Here is my review of MacGyver Season 1 Episode 2 Metal Saw 1st a description of the episode : MacGyver and the team attempt to rescue Jack’s former CIA partner (Amy Acker) who went missing in Venezuela after finding evidence to take down an international arms dealer. Now on to my review of the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , Metal Saw was good , action packed , intense , had some humor and was emotional. While not as great as the 1st episode it still was good. Lucas Till as MacGyver is great and Tristin Mays as Riley Davis is so amazing and beautiful also a good guest starting role from Amy Acker as Sarah she’s tough. Also Sarah and Jack once knew each other and that was felt in the episode. Also as far as Mac goes he still want to find Nikki even though she is a turncoat  if I where Mac I would forget about her she’s not worth it. Riley Davis again continues to impress me as character and one of my favorite from this series so far along with MacGyver himself she’s so cool and is very good looking and is so sweet. I hope as this series goes on both Riley and MacGyver will get together. Overall I give MacGyver Season 1 Episode 2 Metal Saw a 8/10 not as great the premier but still a solid episode. Can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Awl