TV Review : MacGyver : Season 1 : Episode 1 : The Rising

He’s always prepared and is a man with a plan and he is back. Mac is back , Here is my review of this new take on MacGyver. Season 1 Episode 1 The Rising 1st a description of the episode : Special agents for the Department of External Services, Angus “Mac” MacGyver and Jack Dalton, work to recover a missing bioweapon. Now on to my review of this 1st episode of this new take on MacGyver Warning Full Spoilers To Follow : Wow great 1st episode of the new MacGyver series this week on CBS!!! The Rising was great , funny , action packed , suspenseful , awesome and emotional. Lucas Till is so good as the new MacGyver and Trisitn Mays is so amazing , strong , brave and beautiful as Riley Davis I like her already. Good casting for this new take on MacGyver. The set designs where amazing as well as the expositions so good. Also so good to hear the original MacGyver theme tune in the episode still feels much the same. Also you feel for Mac in this 1st episode at 1st you think Nikki is killed at the start of the episode then you learned that she played him for a fool and turned her back on him. If that does not get you with the feels nothing will. The only nitpick I had with this episode is they used a lot of white lighiting for the sets which seems to happen on a lot of CBS Shows other than that not too much to complain about. This show while different from the original it is still that same action backed MacGyver we all remember. Good 1st episode can’t wait for more episodes from Season One. Overall I give MacGyver Season 1 Episode 1 The Rising a 9/10 a great 1st episode and Can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Metal Saw