Comics Review : DC Comics : Batman by Neal Adams Omnibus (2016)

Citizens of Gotham and DC Comics Fans, Here is my review Batman by Neal Adams Omnibus 1st a description of the omnibus : Neal Adams is considered one of the greatest Batman artists of all-time, and one of comics’ most influential illustrators. Now, DC Comics has collected all three volumes of the Batman: Illustrated by Neal Adams series together with Adams’ critically acclaimed series Batman: Odyssey in one hardcover omnibus. This massive volume collects material from Batman #200, 203 and 210; The Brave and The Bold #75-76 and 79-85; Detective Comics #370, 372, 385, 389, 391, and 392; and World’s Finest Comics #174-176, 178-180, 182-183, 185, 186; Batman #217, 220-222, 224-227, 229-231, The Brave and The Bold #86, 88-90, 93, 95, Detective Comics #394-403, 405-311, World’s Finest Comics #199, 200, 202; Batman #232, 234-241, 243-246, 251, 255; Batman Annual #14; Batman Black & White #4; Brave and the Bold #99, Detective Comics #412-422, 439, 600; Heroes Against Hunger; Limited Collectors Edition C-25, C-51, C-59; Robin #1; Saga of Ra’s Al Ghul #4; World’s Finest #211, 244-246, 258; Batman: Odyssey Vol. 1 issues #1-6 and Vol. 2 issues #1-7. Now on to my review of this omnibus , Neal Adams is one of the legends of comic books and his work on Batman along with his writing partner Denny O’neal is legendary. Neal gave Batman a rebirth of sorts in the mid 1970’s and made the Batman stories good with a lot of darker stories and less camp that came before. This omnibus is both a nice collection and a tribute to Neal Adams work on Batman. Now some of the panel have been recolored with modern coloring but for me it’s not a huge issue because it makes the panels pop out more than the original artwork that was created in the 70’s but I can see that some fans would be taken a back by the recoloring. Also this does include Neal Adams recent Batman story Batman Odyssey now while that story is not as good for me thought it was decent. Overall I give Batman by Neal Adams Omnibus a 9.5/10 a great collection of Neal Adams Batman stories and a great tribute to this comic book legend.