Comics Review : DC Comics : Wonder Woman 77 Volume One (2015-)

Hello Amazons and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Wonder Woman 77 Volume One which is based on The 1970’s Wonder Woman TV Series starting Lynda Carter. I will be reviewing The Volume One trade paperback. 1st a description of the story : Amazonian Princess and Federal Agent Diana Prince-and her alter ego, the superheroine Wonder Woman-is always ready to leap into action, no matter the era. She’ll have to do battle with disco-loving Soviet spies at the swinging Studio 52, fight for her own identity after being targeted by the obsessive Doctor Psycho, and save a politician who finds himself in the literal hot seat thanks to a brand new villain, not to mention tangle with an enraged Solomon Grundy and her classic nemesis, Cheetah. To save the day, Diana will need all of her formidable powers, and the help of her partner, Agent Steve Trevor! Now on to my review of this 1st Volume , Wonder Woman 77 Volume One is written by Marc Andreyko with artwork by Drew Johnson , Matt Haley , Cat Staggs and more artists. This story in Volume One captures the look and feel of The 1970’s Wonder Woman TV Series starting Lynda Carter so well from the story to the artwork you name it and writer Marc Andreyko does a great setting up each panel with his writing and the many artists with the artwork in the panels. Overall I give Wonder Woman 77 Volume One a 9.5/10 a great 1st Volume and a great story if your a fan of The 1970’s Wonder Woman TV Series.