Comics Review : DC Comics : Superman For Tomorrow (2004)

Hello DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of one of the best modern Superman stories Superman For Tomorrow I will be review the trade paperback. 1st a description of the story : A cataclysmic event has struck the Earth. Millions of people have vanished without a trace. No one is left unaffected; not even Superman! But after a year, Superman is left with many questions. For a hero who tries to have all the answers, it’s torture. And, just as the action heats up and the stakes are raised, one huge question emerges: Just how far is Superman willing to go “For Tomorrow?” Now on to my review of this story , Superman For Tomorrow is written by Brian Azzarello with artwork by Jim Lee and Scott Williams and it collects stories from Superman #204-215. This is one of the best modern Superman stories of all-time with it’s great artwork and story and everyone is in it Superman , Batman , Wonder Woman , Lois Lane , Zod etc. The story asks a very inportant question What if Superman was the only one left on Earth? This story and the way Supes journey is crafted in the story is done really well even a dream where Superman and Lois think their on Kandor. Also the ending is very heartfelt and emotional. Jim Lee’s Artwork always good as always and he knows how to draw. Overall I give Superman For Tomorrow a 9/10 a great Superman story and one of the best of the modern age of DC Comics