Comics Review : DC Comics : Flashpoint (2011)

Hello Speedsters and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Flashpoint I will be reviewing the trade paperback. 1st a description of the story : Not a dream, not an imaginary story, not an elseworld. This is Flash Fact: When Barry Allen wakes at his desk, he discovers the world has changed. Family is alive, loved ones are strangers, and close friends are different, gone or worse. It’s a world on the brink of a cataclysmic war – but where are Earth’s Greatest Heroes to stop it? It’s a place where America’s last hope is Cyborg, who hopes to gather the forces of The Outsider, The Secret 7, SHAZAM!, Citizen Cold and other new and familiar-yetaltered faces! It’s a world that could be running out of time, if The Flash can’t find the villain who altered the time line! Now on to my review of this story , Flashpoint is the bridge gap storyline between The Pre New 52 DC Comics Continuity and DC’s New 52 Continuity. It is written by Geoff Johns with artwork by Andy Kubert and many other artists. The story is this Barry Allen The Flash has saved his family and everything seems normal right? Wrong the timeline is messed up and he has to fix it. But their is another problem the heroes of The DC Universe are not heroes they are bad and it’s up to Barry and a different Batman to stop The Reverse Flash Eobard Thawne and his evil doings. They did stop him and once the timeline is restored The Flash visits Batman and gives him a letter from his late father Thomas Wayne and in one of the most emotional panels in DC Universe History Bruce thanks Barry for sending him that letter. The story ends and The New 52 DC Comics Continuity is born. We all know the issues New 52 and I did not like all the stories from New 52 but lets remember how it started. Great artwork in this story and the story just as good. Overall I give Flashpoint a 9/10 a great start for DC’s New 52 Continuity.