Comics Review : DC Comics : DC Universe Rebirth Special #1

Hello DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of the big one from DC Comics and a huge issue DC Universe Rebirth Special #1 1st a description of the comic and DC Rebirth itself : It all begins here. Do not skip to the last page. Do not let a friend or message board ruin this comic for you. The future (and past) of the DC Universe starts here. Don’t say we didn’t warn you! “Rebirth is about focusing in on the core of the character and their respective universe,” says writer and DC Entertainment Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns. “It brings back what has been lost: the legacy of the characters, the love and the hope of the DCU!” Now on to my review of this comic and Rebirth Special Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , DC Universe Rebirth is written by Geoff Johns with Artwork by Gary Frank , Phil Jimenez , Ethan Van Sciver and many other artists. DC Rebirth is about giving the past of DC Comics with Pre New 52 and New 52 and giving us fans what was missing the love and hope optimism that was missing from New 52 and this comic and Rebirth Special does just that and more. We have a return returning character in Wally West in this book and he is trying to remind all the DC Heroes what they where mission throughout the whole issue and finding some big things along the way. The touching moment in the issue and for a lot of fans is when Barry and Wally hugged each other and that was the moment for a lot including myself I was like yes this is DC Comics again and our heroes are back. Also we did find out that the master mind behind The New 52 was a character from Watchmen called Dr. Manhattan and he is introduced into The DC Universe. Now I know for some fans this is going to be controversial but for this story it works. Now the other things seeing Pre New 52 Superman and all the other DC Heroes like Batman , Wonder Woman etc. that was good to see too and the writers and artists did a great job bringing them in and seeing that full page of all The DC Comics Heroes going forward with Rebirth that was such a great panel in the book. Great story and Great Artwork DC Universe Rebirth has and it’s amazing. Overall I give DC Comics DC Universe Rebirth Special #1 a 9.5/10 a great comic and a great setup to DC Rebirth and the next era of DC Comics