TV Review : Arrow : Season 4 : Episode 20 : Genesis

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Arrow Season 4 Episode 2  Genesis 1st a description of the episode : As Oliver and Felicity look for a magical solution to defeat Darhk, a vengeance-driven Diggle gets a lead on Andy’s whereabouts and heads off to confront his brother. Meanwhile, Alex takes Thea on a vacation that quickly turns into a nightmare. Now on to my thoughts on this episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow , I really liked this episode and it was better than last weeks episode. It was good , action packed , intense , emotional also it ended on a cliffhanger. Oliver and Team Arrow really had their hands full dealing with Darhk and Hive. Now the whole episode is around Team Arrow trying to stop Hive and Darhk also John trying to take matters into his own hands and stopping his brother Andy who is in league with Hive as well as Thea going on vacation with Alex. Oliver is on a mission to learn magic from Constantine also. So this episode had a lot going on and also some good stunt work in this episode. The ending scene with Diggle shooting Andy in self defense as well as Oliver using magic to stop Darhk  was really good and had a lot of feels. And that cliffhanger ending with Thea being drug’ed , Star City under a dome and Hive using nuclear weapons  to try to destroy Star City OMG the last few episodes of Season 4 a lot will happen as this season is nearing it’s end. Overall I give Arrow Season 4 Episode 2  Genesis a 8.5/10 a good episode and can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Monument Point