Top DC Rebirth Titles I’m looking forward to : #3 Wonder Woman

Hello DC Comics Fans , Continuing the list of Top DC Rebirth Titles I’m looking forward I’m going to continue with #3 Wonder Woman 1st a description of the comic and the series : Why has the Lasso of Truth stopped working for the Amazon Princess? Start down the rabbit hole as dark secrets from Wonder Woman’s past unravel her present! Now on to my thoughts on this comic and series. Wonder Woman is written by once again Greg Rucka as he returns to write Wonder Woman with Art by Liam Sharp. Wonder Woman is one of my favorite DC Comics characters and over the last year I have been reading a lot of Wonder Woman comics from Wonder Woman 77 , The Legend of Wonder Woman and the current ongoing series from The New 52 run of Wonder Woman. So I am so thrilled and happy that Greg Rucka is writing Wonder Woman again he understands Diana Prince and how to writer her and Wonder Woman as a hole and also looking forward to Liam Sharp’s artwork on the series. One of the reasons I’m looking forward to this series is that the odd numbered issues will be the main Wonder Woman story and the even numbered issues will be Wonder Woman Year One and will get more of Diana’s backstory and origin in those issues and that’s what has me excited to read Wonder Woman for DC Rebirth. Can’t wait to read Wonder Woman when the series start this June.