Editorial : Why I’m excited for DC Comics DC Rebirth and why this is different.

Hello DC Comics Fans , Today I am going to give my thoughts on why I’m excited for DC Comics DC Rebirth and why this is different from past DC Comics Reboot’s that have come before. Here goes now to start off I am a fan of both DC Comics and Marvel Comics like them equally that being said I was a DC Comics Fan 1st. I’ve told this story many times my introduction to DC Comics was Superman The Movie (1978) and since then I’ve been a huge fan of DC Comics for Films , TV and what started the comics. Back in the mid 90’s I was a huge DC Comics reader read’ed all the Superman and Batman titles including Knightfall and Death of Superman and so on. Stop for while then in 2006-2008 I subscribed to the books and the story’s we got in the Pre New 52 Era where so good Superman Last Son and Superman Secret Origin etc. Then in 2011 The New 52 came along from DC Comics and their was some promises at the start with Jim Lee etc working on the books giving us great story’s but then it got so far away from the DC Comics Heroes and Villains we know and love and their story’s where changed for the wrong reasons & after awhile I said I’m out. Then comes along DC Rebirth and when Geoff Johns made the announcement I was like yea this is interesting and what DC Comics said at Wonder Con got me so excited where getting back our Heroes and Villains back to there classic looks and feel with a modern take on all the Heroes and Villains from DC Comics like DC Universe Rebirth Special 80 page issue , Superman , Batman , Wonder Woman , The Flash , Green Arrow , Supergirl . Green Lantern etc. DC Comics understands now with the fans feedback that they made a huge mistake with New 52 and  what Jim Lee and Geoff Johns has planed going forward is amazing from the concept art to the covers of the DC Rebirth titles I’m like yes I’m pre ordering this books from Midtown Comics. The titles I’m excited for the most are Supergirl , Supergirl Rebirth , The Flash , The Flash Rebirth , Superman , Superman Rebirth , Action Comics , Batman , Batman Rebirth , Detective Comics , Wonder Woman , Wonder Woman Rebirth , Batgirl , Batgirl and The Bird of Prey, All-Star Batman , Justice League , Trinity and Hellblazer. So yea DC Rebirth has me pumped to read DC Comics again also with what’s going on with The CW and CBS TV Shows , The Flash , Supergirl , Legends of Tomorrow and Arrow also with the DC Extended Universe even though it still needs some work I would say but DC Rebirth has me excited to read the comics again and we get back these great heroes and villains back to their Pre New 52 versions