Comics Review : Green Arrow #51 : DC Comics

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans here is my review of Green Arrow #51 1st a description of this issue : In war-torn Africa, Green Arrow and Deathstroke are both hunting for the same man-Doctor Miracle-whose blood cures any disease. They’re battling not only each other, but also a militant group known as The Whites. There is no deadlier foe than the world’s greatest assassin, and against his blade Green Arrow may have met his end. Now on to my thoughts on this issue Warning Full Spoilers To Follow : I really liked this issue it had great artwork and a cliffhanger at the end that will give you the feels. Now Green Arrow is one of my very few favorite comic series from DC’s New 52 and in this issue it showed. Any time you can get a battle between Oliver Queen vs Slide Wilson it’s always going to be good and the action will always be intense. Now the big cliffhanger Oliver / Green Arrow stabbed with a blade. Is he alive or dead? Well will have to wait until Green Arrow #52 to find out but wow what a cliffhanger it gave you some feels. Overall I give Green Arrow #52 a 9/10 a solid issue and not many more left before DC Rebirth and Green Arrow Rebirth comes out in mid May