TV Review : Star Wars Rebels : Season 2 : Episode 21 : Twilight of the Apprentice

Hello Star Wars fans and fellow Rebels , Here is my review of Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 21 Twilight of the Apprentice the Season 2 Finale 1st as always a description of the episode : After gaining information about the Sith, Kanan, Ezra and Ahsoka battle the Inquisitors with the help of a new ally. Now on to my review of this amazing Season Finale Waring though Full Spoilers to Follow , Wow super amazing great Season 2 Finale of Star Wars Rebels. It was so good , shocking and amazing. This episode had everything Kanan , Ezra and Ahsoka as a team , The Inquisitors , a Sith Temple , Darth Maul , Darth Vader and the big one Ahsoka vs Vader. This episode had a lot to take in and the way it was put together was amazing. Lets start with The Inquisitors vs Kanan , Ahsoka and Ezra that was a good lightsaber duel but it is not until Darth Maul yes Maul coming working with the Rebels? Well yes it did happened and he went to town on those inquisitors one by one they where taken out. But the plot did thicken when Maul turned on the rebels you knew it was not going to be too long before Maul showed what his true intentions where he wanted his full power back and he even try’ed to convince Ezra to join the dark side but thank goodness Ezra thought better of it. Kanan got a little hurt as he was blinded by Maul but he used his Jedi Temple Guard Mask to defeat Darth Maul and Kanan won. Now on to the big one the duel between Ahsoka Tano vs Darth Vader this was epic back and forth they went and the way it was done was awesome with the animation and voice acting of Ashley Eckstein and James Earl Jones once again as the voice of Vader. Then in the fight when Vader’s mask is cut in half we hear the voice of Anakin Skywalker and he says to Ahsoka I will kill you a very emotional and powerful moment in that fight and Ahsoka does not die. We all thought as fans she would not make but the cliffhanger at the end had some questions if she did. The Ghost Crew escapes but some sense of loss you feel on them. A great ending to Season 2 of Rebels as we go into Season 3 this coming fall. Great work by the Rebels production team ,  voice cast and once again Kevin Kiner’s musical score. Now I have heard some fans after episode saying oh it was a let down and did not full in all the gaps. With all due respect to those that feel that way this episode of Star Wars Rebels was so amazing. The very best TV episodes not just Star Wars Rebels are  suppose to leave you guessing that’s why their called cliffhangers at the end for a reason. Anyone who thinks this episode of Rebels was not awesome and saying it was a let down are mistaken sorry I did not feel this episode was a let down it was so good anyway end of rant. Overall Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Episode 21 Twilight of the Apprentice a 9.5/10 a great Season 2 Finale lots of answers and more questions and so good and amazing. Until Season 3 Star Wars Fans MTFBWY Always!!!