TV Review : Arrow : Season 4 : Episode 17 : Beacon of Hope

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans here is my review of Arrow Season 4 Episode 17 Beacon of Hope 1st a description of the episode : Brie Larvan turns up at Palmer Tech after breaking out of jail, and threatens to kill everyone; Team Arrow gets help from a surprising ally. Now on to my thoughts on the episode Warning Full Spoilers To Follow : I liked this episode. It was good , action packed , scary , suspenseful and emotional. Oliver and Team Arrow sure had their hands full dealing with Brie The Bug Eyed Bandit. The Bug Eyed Bandit is back who appeared in The Flash and things are not good for Team Arrow. Both Felicity , Speedy (Thea) and Moma Smoak are trapped by Brie Larvan because she wants a cure for her spinal cord injury and sends the robot bees after them and threatens to kill them if she does not get what she wants. Team Arrow though is not alone in this as Curtis from Palmer Tech comes to their aid and some humor from the team comes in at a time of crisis. Oliver’s 1st attempt to stop Brie does not go well as one of the bees goes into his body and he’s infected that is until Curtis hacks into them and stops the bees. Team Arrow eventually saves the day and The Bug Eyed Bandit is stopped. Now Laurel Lance in this episode you know I have been very critical of her since Season 3 and thought it was a mistake by the writers to make her The Black Canary but this season I’ve come around to liking her & in this episode she had some good words of wisdom for Oliver. Oliver has been through a lot this season and Laurel because the voice of reason to him as it was the other way around in Season 3 also Thea offered some words of wisdom to Felicity. Now Malcolm Merlin is back in this episode as he threatened Damien Darhk. Merlin means business after losing to Oliver and getting his hand cut off a few episodes ago so Team Arrow needs to watch their back in the coming episodes. Once again great stunt work by the Arrow Production team the action scenes just get better and better in Season 4 and it shows. Overall I give Arrow Season 4 Episode 17 Beacon of Hope a 7/10 a good episode and  can’t wait the next episode on April 20th titled Eleven-Fifty-Nine