TV Review : Arrow : Season 4 : Episode 14 : Code of Silence

Hello Archers and DC Comics Fans , Here is my review of Arrow Season 4 Episode 14 Code of Silence 1st as always a description of the episode :  Oliver and the team learn about HIVE’s plan to destroy them; Lance wonders if Donna would be safer without him; Oliver feels guilty for not telling Felicity about his son. Now on to my thoughts on the episode Warning Full Spoilers to Follow , I really liked this episode a lot. It was good , fast moving , action packed , really intense and emotional. Oliver and Team Arrow sure had hands full dealing with The HIVE and The Demolition Team. This episode had it all Team Arrow vs HIVE and The Demolition Team , Some good Felicity and Moma Smoak scenes , some good Oliver and Thea scenes , also Damien Darhk pulling the strings as he always does and , Captain Lance and Laurel their scenes where good too , and the flashbacks also good again last 2 episodes they have been good. Thea was this week more in a detective role after her last week almost being a goner welcome back Speedy thought you where lost forever. Moma Smoak each time she makes a guest staring role you know it will be good and it was. And wow those Arrow leading ladies did they look good in their dresses at Oliver’s election campaign party not to mention Oliver did not look too bad himself in a tux. The action scenes in the episode where really and so intense the stunt team on Arrow are one of the best on TV right now and last night’s episode showed that. Damien Darhk also one of the better villains on Arrow and it has shown this season so far. Things are going to get intense again next week as Damien Darhk has Oliver’s Son and Team Arrow has to try and get him back but that’s for next week. For now I give Season 4 Episode 14 Code of Silence a 9/10 a great episode and can’t wait for next weeks episode titled Taken