Fandoms I enjoy : DC Comics

Hello DC Comics Fans , This is long overdue here in the Fandoms I enjoy series of blog posts so today I will talk about why I enjoy DC Comics. Now I became a DC Comics Fan 1st before Marvel but I do enjoy both equally. What a group of heroes DC Comics has Superman , Supergirl , Batman , Wonder Woman , The Flash , Green Arrow , Green Lantern etc. their all good in their own way. The hero I idenify the most with is Superman because he stands for good and stands for truth ,  justice , and the american way as he did in The Christopher Reeve Superman films and now Supergirl with  CBS’s  Supergirl she does stand for that as well but more on that in a bit. Now most of the early classic / modern DC Comic storylines I enjoy , Infinite Crisis , The 80’s Man of Steel storyline , Death of Superman , Superman for Tommrow , All Star Superman etc. Now while I have not been a huge fan of The new 52 Storylines but their are comic series like The Adventures of Superman 2013-2015 , Batman with Scott Synder’s run , Batman 66 , Wonder Woman 77 and The Adventures of Supergirl (based on The CBS TV Series) I like those stories the best right now. Films wise I like The Superman films of Christopher Reeve and The Micheal Keaton Batman Films and the 1st 2 Christopher Nolan Batman Films. Now in the early DC Comics films what worked so well is the storytelling , the writing etc. and they where not overly Dark now with this new DC Comics Extended Universe beginning with Man of Steel I’m sorry but Superman is not a dark hero Batman is and it should be that way again just my opinion on that so to each his own. Now on the TV side DCTV as it’s called is knocking it out of the park with shows like Smallville years ago and now with shows like The Flash , Arrow and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at The CW from Fox you have Gotham and now at CBS you have Supergirl featuring Melissa Benoist in the title role of Supergirl / Kara Danvers she is amazing in the role and is hopeful and an inspiration which Supergirl is also. So many different  Comic Book Artist at DC Comics I’ve enjoyed their work Gary Frank , Jim Lee , Neal Adams  , Scott Snyder etc. Now not everything at DC Comics is all great all the time their are issues with some of the writing in the comics but the good ones if you write them well can be really good. So their you have why I have been a DC Comics Fan.