MLB 2016 Season Preview : National League West Division

Hello their once again MLB and Baseball Fans , My preview of The 2016 MLB Divisional Previews concludes today . Next and finally The National League West 1st a recap of the division from 2015 , The Los Angeles Dodgers where the division winners and in 1st place at 92-70 , in 2nd The San Francisco Giants at 84-78 , in 3rd was The Arizona Diamondbacks at 79-83 , in 4th was The San Diego Padres at 74-88 and in 5th was The Colorado Rockies at 68-94. The NL West has the last few years been dominated by The Dodgers and The Giants with their 3 World Series Wins in 2010 , 2013 and 2015 every other year they seem to go to the World Series and win it all. This year I can say 3 teams could win this division. The Rockies are the team in this division I can never figure out and it’s because of Coors Field it’s a tough place to play. The NL West should be fun to watch again in 2016.